The Day

In the evening, the Caffè del Mercato transforms from a simple bar into a place of nightlife: Dance, Music, Dj-Set, Excellent Aperitifs and Cocktails. All served by brilliant and professional bartenders.
Live music and rivers of Peschino will help you relax after a long day at work.
Il Caffè del Mercato, known by all as "Il Peschino", is also a meeting place where you can: celebrate birthdays / graduation parties, present books and exhibit artistic exhibitions of paintings / photos.
Everything is always accompanied by a rich buffet.
il peschino


A slightly sweet aperitif that inebriates the palate with its numerous flavors. Prepared by the members (Marco and Andrea) crafted with ancient and secret recipe, consisting of the mixing of ten liquors with the addition of prosecco and yellow peach infused 15 days earlier. Suitable at any time of the day as an aperitif or as a digestive tract. Delicious, low alcoholic drink suitable for every situation. After drinking the orange content, we exalt the taste of our palate with pre-smelted fishing tackles.

il rossino


Cardinal Red Aperitif, dry and decently taste with citrus nuances and slightly bitter. Secret and craft recipe prepared by the two partners (Marco and Andrea). We like the "Rossino" so named for its color. Alcoholic grade 25°. Dry .. For hard men.

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